Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Trevits Expecting Child

By Holly Wood

Hollywood power couple Jason Trevits, left, and Jae Trevits, right, are expecting a child in April.

Jason Trevits and Jae Trevits WILL BE the next big 'thing' in Hollywood.  You can take that to the bank.  Like many in Hollywood, they are scrambling to 'make it.'  But they have already 'made it.'  They have the loveliest little Hollywood nook that is three blocks from Hollywood and Highland.  They are also two of the nicest people you will ever meet.  Their progeny will surely end up on the Walk of Fame.  Just like their parents.

Do they want to be superstars or megastars?  Of course.  Who doesn't.  But when questioned about their professional desires, they consistently refrain that they simply want to work.

They remind me of Brad and Angelina.  Or Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, except Jae will clearly be a breakout star in her own right.  Jason better watch out.  Cause when the female spouse 'breaks out,' it can be a distraction for the marriage.  But then again, Jason has nothing to worry about, because he has matinee idol good looks and talent just drippping off of him.  I can see a movie soon: "Mr. & Mrs. Trevits."  And it will be a blockbuster and establish these two as the Hollywood 'it' couple.

TMZ and every other outlet will seek to get the first piks of the newborn.  But it is rumored that Jason & Jae (JTre) are going to take the personal route and self-publish the newborn photos on their respective Facebook pages. 

Good luck Jason and Jae.  Hollywood welcomes your progeny.

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