Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Wonder Woman

Adrianne Palicki is the actress who will suit up in rock star spandex pants to play Wonder Woman.

The planned NBC series is both rebooted and re-suited.

Diana Price (Wonder Woman's alter ego) reportedly will be a modern executive by day.

This Wonder Woman still has the telltale Golden Lasso of Truth and the bulletproof bracelets, plus the mighty-eagle bustier.

This new Wonder Woamn will have tight pants as opposed to Lynda Carter’s bare-legged look. 

(WashPost, 3/18/2011)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cynne Simpson & Gordon Peterson

By Susie Centsitiv

Chilly Onscreen Chemistry between the 6 p.m. cohosts of local Washington, DC ABC News

You can't create chemistry.  And watching Cynee Simpson, right, and Gordon Peterson, left, trying to deliver the news together is painful.  The body language speaks volumes.  Gordon clearly being more uncomfortable than Cynne.  Is it a generation gap?  Does Gordon resent the young upstart?  Is there personal animosity?  Whatever it is, it clearly shows up onscreen.  The news producers at the show can surely see it.  It is further contrasted by the excellent chemistry between Simpson and her 5 pm cohost, Leon Harris.  Gordon had and has great chemistry with legnedary local newscaster Maureen Bunyan.  Of course, she is closer to his age.  They also kind of came up together on the Washington, DC news scene.  Maybe he just wants Maureen sitting next to him instead of Cynne.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Eman To Be Music Host For Sheen's Korner?


Hollywood rumor mill placing Environment Man as music/guru co-host of Sheen's Corner

Charlie Sheen's internet show, Sheen's Korner, is a huge worldwide hit.  Methane is not discussed but passed.  No hydraulic fracturing needed by Charlie and his posse.  Rumor has it that Eman might be joining that posse via live Skype from his Santa Catalina Island single wide retreat.  Will Natalie Kenly provide background vocals.  Inquiring minds want to know.
Sheen, right, is at the top of his gaem with estimates of 100 million tuning in for his new online show.  Eman , left, should easily bring millions more to that count.  Eman's chat board cult status should propel the show to new heights.  An E spokesperson says possible discussions about possible particulars are possibly being worked out now.  Asked why Eman prefers to appear from his island retreat instead of Sheen's Beverly Hills mansion, Eman stated, "Technology makes it possible for me to be there without burning fossil fuels."
Eman is possibly considering the possibility of developing programming for billionair Mark Cuban's HDNet. Charlie is talking to Cuban about a new show too, but Charlie is under contract to CBS and Warner Brothers. "Dan Rather Reports" is on HDNet.