Thursday, December 13, 2012

Movie fiction or Hollywood secret?

Over the years we have seen many movies neglect the fact that it takes energy to get around. From the movie "Red" starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and John Malkovich where they seemingly drove to over 3-4 states on one tank of gas. To the remake of "Red Dawn" where gas was only used for explosions. The real question is are the writers just neglecting the fact that it takes some type of fuel to transport from place to place or have they figured out the secret and don`t want to share. I noticed while watching the movie "Looper" for the the third time that the cars were recycling the exhaust from the cars with a combination of solar panels.

This made me start to wonder is this what they do to make cars go to extreme lengths? Think about it when is the last time you saw a picture of a celebrity at a gas station and filled up. Even though with hydraulic fracturing there is no need for any of these systems it is always a mind teaser to think Hollywood is more then smoke and mirrors. Fossil fuels will always be the main way to feed your need for speed but there is nothing wrong with making every drop go farther. As movies progress hopefully writers and directors will finally figure out that you can keep a person into the story a little more with just one refuel scene.

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