Wednesday, January 25, 2012

House of Lies

Hottest New Show On Cable

By Korben Dallas

Now that "Entourage" is off the air to prepare a movie for theater release, "House Of Lies" is my favorite program. Even beating out "Boardwalk Empire."  Don Cheadle is great in this type of role, which he showed in the movie "Crash."  His laid back roles do not do him justice.  Are you listening producers of the "Oceans Eleven" films?  I guess Don needed to have control of the product to really let his light shine.  He is the show's primary producer.

Don Cheadle stars as Marty Kaan, one of the country’s most successful and ruthless corporate consultants.  By day, Marty and his team are duplicitous, foul-mouthed, money-grubbing slimeballs and after hours they charge impressive steak-dinner and strip-bar tabs to the clients.  "House of Lies" is like a mix of other shows, including "Californication," "Entourage," "Shameless," "Weeds," and "Boardwalk Empire" (without the violence).  Marty talking directly to the screen is also utilized in a dynamic form, particularly when he freezes action and describes his 'victims' and uses graphics and pens to highlight his points.  It is a uniquely interesting device that adds to the coolness of the show.  We are fascinated by sharks, but we don't want to get in the water with them.

Marty’s team is peopled by an interesting supporting cast.  They are not as strong as the "Entourage" ensemble, but they are interesting caricatures — a Harvard nerd who crunches numbers (Josh Lawson), an overconfident dork (Ben Schwartz) and a pretty striver (Kristen Bell) who mistakenly seeks validation by being as naughty and tough as the guys. At home, Marty lives in a high-rise L.A. condo with his retired-shrink father (Glynn Turman) and his son, Roscoe (Donis Leonard Jr.). There is also Marty's gender-questioning fifth-grade son who auditions for the female lead in his private school’s production of “Grease.” Marty also has to cope with his batty ex-wife (Dawn Olivieri), a cruel competitor in the consulting game. They work out their issues with occasional bouts of hate-sex. (Wash Post, 1/6/2012, photo courtesy Wash Post)

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