Friday, January 21, 2011

"Terra Nova" - "Little House on the Prairie" With Dinosaurs

"Terra Nova," an adventure series about a family from the year 2149 which travels back 85 million years in an attempt to "restart" humanity.  It might be the most expensive broadcast television series ever made.  The first two hours of the show cost about $16 million.  The per-episode cost is expected to be more than $4 million. A typical hospital or lawyer drama is more on the order of $2.5 million per episode

Production in Australia includes hundreds of extras and towering sets that took nearly 15 weeks to build.  The Terra Nova "colony" is the size of a football field inside 18-foot walls, complete with a market, hospital and residences. An 8-foot animatronic velociraptor makes a cameo in the second hour.

Terra Nova" tells the story of the Shannon family in the year 2149, when the Earth is overcrowded and the majority of plant and animal life is extinct. A portal into primeval history gives the Shannons and thousands of other families a chance to travel back to pristine, prehistoric times. At first the Terra Nova settlement seems idyllic, but the Shannons quickly encounter man-eating dinosaurs; the colonists become disenchanted and restive.  The show is "Little House on the Prairie with dinosaurs.

Steven Spielberg and Peter Chernin are the executive producers of the show. (WSJ, 1/21/2011)

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